Google Goggles Visual Search: Breakthrough Innovation

image Visual search, augmented reality, context based search – call it what you want – the bottom line is that Google Goggles is a powerful innovation that can change our digital life.  In case you haven’t heard, Goggles combines mobile cameras, mobile GPS, 3G+ networks and image recognition to let you search for landmarks, books, places, businesses, and even scan business cards. Facial recognition is clearly on the horizon, and the opportunity for storefront advertising is tremendous.  Although not the first augmented reality application (the iphone has at least 10 applications) Google is well positioned to leverage its strengths in

  • Location based services (Maps, Earth, Latitude)
  • Massive search indexing
  • Unprecedented scalability (needed for image processing)
  • Open source phone platform
  • Leading digital advertising network

If you have an android phone, you have probably played with it already.  PCWorld has a hands on review and you can find at least a dozen YouTube videos on the topic. 

Personally, I’m thrilled to see this kind of authentic innovation and excited to see how this technology can shape our digital life.