Google ChromeBook at $20 to $28 per Month

Google Chrome OS ChromebooksJust announced by Google are the new ChromeBooks ; Availability, pricing / specs and an innovative business model.  Mobile carriers have been incredibly successful at creating an annuity by tying hardware, software and data together in a subsidized monthly package.  Google appears to be replicating their success with this new offering.  Available at $20 / month for students and $28 for businesses (also available for purchase) they are creating a web centric device with applications and storage living in the cloud.  3G data is optional, and if it is similar to the Cr-48 it will be a pay-as-you-go plan for $35/month 1G, $50/month 5G and $9.99 unlimited day pass.

I’ve always believed that application rentals would become a growing trend – why not throw in the laptop – and eventually the dataplan.  It has worked in the Ipad/Android Tablet market, let’s see how it works for netbooks.